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Frequently asked questions and helpful resources to get the most out of VODIUM


Why use VODIUM instead of a notes app or other hack? VODIUM isn't a hack. The app was specifically designed for the unique scenario of constantly communicating on video. VODIUM has the unique ability to remain on top of any open window, browser, or application. And it has a transparency dial allowing you to see who or what is behind the application. It's a tool that advances your video professionalism, unlike a Word Doc, sticky notes, or another monitor that takes your attention away from the task at hand.
Why is VODIUM a desktop application? In order to build a technology that has the ability to be transparent and sit on top of any open window, browser or application, we had to build a desktop app. This is not the easiest way to build technology these days. Which is why the majority of the apps we use are web apps—essentially miniature web browser windows. But we knew these were the two core features needed to make VODIUM work for our users. Desktop applications are also more secure.
Why do I need an Activation Key?

After the 7 day trial, VODIUM will prompt you to purchase an Activation Key. Your Activation Key serves as a unique identifier to your subscription. Every time you open up VODIUM, the app makes a call to our servers to verify that your subscription is active. When you've purchased VODIUM, please check your email for a two emails: one is your receipt and the other contains your Activation Key. If you don't immediately see your Key, please check your spam folder.



You can activate your Activation Key on up to three of your own computers (i.e. your laptop, office desktop & home computer). The app will let you know once you've reached your limit. If you have trouble deactivating a key off a computer, you can reach out to to deactivate the key.

What if VODIUM says it can't find my Activation Key? Your Activation Key needs to be entered into VODIUM exactly how you see it. With all 24 characters and hyphens. This may occur because a wrong character or extra space was added to the Key. Or you can't access the internet and the server can't verify your Key.
Do I need access to the Internet?

In addition to the question above, you will need access to the internet to access VODIUM. If VODIUM cannot access our servers, a pop-will appear. This is either because of no wi-fi connection, or that a firewall is blocking access due to security purposes.



VODIUM has a fail-safe option and we provide you with a temporary Activation Key if you cannot access the internet. The key will be available to you to use for 60 days. Once the temporary Key expires, the original key will automatically reprogram if you now has access to the internet.

What if I'm using VODIUM on a company computer?

A majority of companies have security measures & corporate firewalls. in place and require its team members to get approval for anything downloaded onto the computer. If you think this may be an issue, connect us with your IT team and we can easily resolve the issue. It usually begins with VODIUM being an approved vendor through whitelisting our domain. With the fail-safe option mentioned above, you will still be able to use VODIUM as we work with your IT team to get the app approved. Please contact for any more assistance.

Where I should position VODIUM? Make sure that VODIUM is positioned directly underneath your camera. Additionally, allow the text to scroll up, close enough to the camera, to really ensure eye contact with your audience. If you lose your place, use your mouse to manually scroll, and gain back control.
How can I use Rich Text Formatting? Take advantage of Rich Text Formatting (RTF) to organize certain points in your text, or make things pop so you don't forget to say it. RTF is located to the right, on the Settings Panel. You can also highlight or double click on text for the RTF pop-up to appear. And if you upload a script or file, the rich text formatting from your .docx will remain.
How do I use auto-scroll?

Don't be afraid of auto-scroll. But just know it's not the only way to use VODIUM. You can use auto-scroll when you have a set amount of time to communicate. Such as a speech or a pre-recorded video, where there will be no interruption. This allows you to fully focus on your text and body language. In order to successfully use auto-scroll, it's all about finding the right pace. Traditional teleprompters are programmed by an actual person following your pace, but with VODIUM, there's a little TLC involved.

Insert your text into the app. Find a speed that you want to gauge, and press the play/pause button. If the speed is too fast, you can find a slower speed and or find a bigger font size. Don't be afraid to add spaces in between text to allow for a breath.



A majority of our users use VODIUM through manual scrolling. This allows for less preparation time in finding the right pace. And you can of course stop at any time. The manual scroll can be used for all the auto-scroll scenarios, but you're just constantly moving the cursor with your mouse or mouse pad.

Can I share my screen without my audience seeing VODIUM?

Sometimes users want to use VODIUM while also sharing their screen. We always recommend having someone else share your presentation for you, however, if you need to share your screen and use VODIUM, there’s one way to do it. Instead of sharing your full screen or desktop, which would allow your audience to see the VODIUM, simply share your desired content (i.e. a window or application). Just make sure wherever that content resides is open, so the video conferencing platform can register as a shareable option.

Sharing slides in full screen is a little tricky but doable. PowerPoint is currently the only presentation tool where VODIUM can remain on top when it's in Presenter's Mode. Platforms like Google Slides and Keynote do not have that capability. We suggest you download your presentation into a PDF. You can share a PDF without having to be in full-screen mode, mitigating VODIUM from being booted from being on top.

What if I can't move the VODIUM window? Check if Lock VODIUM in place is enabled. If it is, simply disable it to move the app around. You can also only move VODIUM around by clicking into the text box, and not by dragging it with the Settings Panel.
What if VODIUM disappeared when I opened up another application or window? No other application or window can be fully maximized when using VODIUM. The app can only remain on top when it is layered on top. Simply exit out of the fully maximized application, and VODIUM will reappear on top.
How can I upload a script into VODIUM? Script file upload gives you the ability to upload an existing document and save your notes or scripts, so you can easily access different components of your work. To start, click "File" and then "Open" a Word doc (.docx), Text file (.txt), or VODIUM file (.vo). Your file will open in the VODIUM window. This eliminates the need to copy and paste your script or notes from a separate document. It also allows for more easily sharing of scripts among teams, and it saves you time by allowing you to simply upload an existing document.
How do I save a current VODIUM file? VODIUM's file format is (.vo). If you save your script as a .vo file, when you open the file, the VODIUM application will automatically open with the script file pulled up. It will also save any formatting you adjusted in VODIUM. Your files will save in the VODIUM folder within your applications, but you can also point the files to another folder.
Why is there an option to save and send VODIUM's logs? With technology comes bugs. If you have an issue with using VODIUM on your computer, logs provide our development team specific data to what may be occurring on your specific device. If you are using a macOS, go to your computer's top right corner and click on the VODIUM logo, VO. If you are using a PC, go to your computer's bottom tray and find the upright arrow or triangle in the bottom right corner. The VO icon should appear. You can either automatically send your logs, or download your log file and send it to us via email. Please contact for further assistance.
Does VODIUM have different pricing for team accounts or non-profits?

VODIUM is built to support as many people within a team or organization as possible. Our team will work directly with you to find a pricing package that works best for your needs.


Does VODIUM have auto-updates?

We are constantly innovating on our product roadmap. When we have a new app update, the app will notify you that an update is ready to be installed. You can either install immediately or delay until a later time. If you have any issues with updating the app, delete VODIUM from your computer, and re-download the app on our website or the direct links below.

Download for Mac Download for Windows



How do I update my payment information? To update your payment information, please use this link to access our payment portal. Please use the email associated with your subscription in order to access the portal.
How do I cancel my account? VODIUM subscriptions are set to auto-renew monthly or annually depending on which subscription you purchased. To cancel your account prior to renewal, please access the customer portal or reach out to

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