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Team VODIUMJul 5, 2023 8:00:00 AM4 min read

5 Ways a Teleprompter App for Zoom Can Transform Your Video Calls

A virtual teleprompter app can be a powerful tool for professional video calls, whether you’re coordinating internally with remote coworkers, or giving an external presentation to clients. 

This guide will walk you through 5 key ways a teleprompter app for Zoom can transform your video calls, from how to read notes while simultaneously sharing your screen to putting a new sales pitch into practice. Whether you’re new to using a teleprompter to guide you in virtual meetings or looking for ways to make the most of the teleprompter you already have, this article will help set you up for success. 

Let’s get started!


How a virtual teleprompter can improve your Zoom meetings

Using a Zoom teleprompter is a simple way to access your pre-written notes or script during your call, without having to exit the tab. Simply install a virtual teleprompter app, adjust the settings, and operate as usual within your Zoom setup!

Once you’re ready, here are a few benefits you can expect from using a teleprompter for Zoom calls:

Read notes while giving a slide-based presentation

One of the benefits of using a teleprompter is that you can avoid the need to navigate multiple windows, screens, or a printed script while giving your presentation.

If you’re curious about how to share a slide-based presentation on Zoom without showing your notes, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below:  

  1. Download and install the VODIUM app on your device
  2. Open Zoom and start the video call
  3. Open VODIUM and select “Open” to upload your presentation notes into the teleprompter. 
  4. In the Zoom call, select “Share Screen” from the bottom toolbar of the Zoom window. Then, select the window or application you would like to share. (Do not share your whole desktop – this will display the teleprompter!)
  5. Customize the font size, transparency, and scroll speed of your script or notes in VODIUM
  6. Give your presentation, using the virtual teleprompter to read your prepared script. You will be able to see both the teleprompter and your presentation, while participants will only view the presentation slides you are sharing! 

You can watch a detailed tutorial on this process to find out specific requirements for sharing screen with Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Keynote. 

Maintain eye contact with participants

Eye contact is a key part of any presentation, but becomes even more crucial in virtual environments in which other forms of body language are sparse. Not only does maintaining eye contact help you to convey your message more effectively by increasing engagement, but it helps to create an emotional connection with the audience, building trust and helping them to feel seen and heard. 

Looking directly into the camera – while often a little awkward at first – is the best way to appear to be making eye contact while on Zoom. When using a teleprompter app, opt to place your text directly below the camera. This will enable you to keep the camera (and therefore your audience!) and your notes in view simultaneously, minimizing awkward glances and broken eye contact.  

Ease your nerves or performance anxiety 

A virtual teleprompter that sits over Zoom can be a great tool for reducing performance anxiety when giving virtual presentations. 

Performance anxiety can take many forms, but often involves fears relating to:

  • One’s ability to complete a task
  • The possibility of embarrassing oneself in front of others
  • Themes of failure, humiliation, or rejection  

The increase in the frequency of, and reliance on, remote communications has led to the coining of the term “Zoom anxiety” to refer to the specific anxieties that people have about communicating virtually. 

In these situations, a teleprompter can provide invaluable scaffolding in helping you to feel prepared, while minimizing the need to navigate multiple windows or screens. With your notes easily viewable within the Zoom call, you can focus on delivering your message confidently without worrying about forgetting your points or losing your place. 

Get to grips with a new sales script

Sales representatives can benefit from a virtual teleprompter as they carry out sales conversations on Zoom, especially when starting out or learning a new sales pitch or script. Even more experienced reps may benefit from having key facts, pricing options, or product details available on screen, without having to glance down at their notes in a way that might break eye contact. 

Having notes to hand can help reps feel confident, and deliver their lines directly to the camera – helping the call to feel more like a conversation, and less like a performance. 

Look natural, feel confident 

The final way in which using a teleprompter app can transform your Zoom calls is by giving you that magic something: confidence. 

With 94% of audiences who viewed a presenter using VODIUM’s teleprompter rating the speaker as appearing prepared and confident, it’s clear that a small app can make a big difference. 

Whether you’re a seasoned presenter struggling to adapt to presenting on Zoom, or new to the game and looking for that extra bit of support, a teleprompter app can transform your virtual communication. 

Transform your video calls today with VODIUM’s virtual teleprompter app

Born out of the desire to equip remote workers to communicate with confidence, VODIUM’s virtual teleprompter app is a must-have for professionals navigating the world of hybrid work. 

VODIUM’s teleprompter is a simple, easy-to-use application that sits directly over your video conferencing software, enabling you to access and view your notes in real time. With settings to adjust transparency, font size, and scrolling speed, VODIUM puts you in control. And as the only research-backed teleprompter out there, VODIUM is the best way to start transforming your Zoom calls. 

For communication that counts, choose VODIUM.