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Team VODIUMMay 9, 2023 12:37:09 PM2 min read

Introducing The World’s First Virtual Podium


Camille Padilla, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
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Mary Mellor, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
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Los Angeles, C.A., August 25, 2020 — VODIUM, LLC announces the launch of VODIUMTM, the world’s first virtual teleprompter app built specifically for the new post-COVID-19 work life.

VODIUM was built and launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to address the new demands of working and presenting virtually. COVID-19 has upended the traditional ways of communicating, at a time when it has never been more important for information to be delivered effectively.

“We watched as countless politicians, CEOs, and talking heads on TV stumbled through their Zoom speeches or looked down at their notes trying to read their remarks. These leaders have been delivering the most critical presentations and speeches of their careers, trying to bring people together and keep their respective ships afloat. Yet they haven’t had the tools and the settings they normally rely on to be in control,” said Camille Padilla, co-founder & CEO. “That’s why we decided to build a tool to help them. We are excited about the impact VODIUM will have on communication across industries and across the world.”

From speeches to lectures to sermons to presentations, VODIUM will help leaders across all industries deliver their virtual messages seamlessly and effectively. VODIUM has a simple user experience and interface that allows presenters to deliver flawless presentations and connect with their audience virtually.

  • VODIUM acts like a traditional teleprompter, allowing users to copy in their speech or speaker notes, and read while addressing their audience.
  • It also enables presenters to maintain the appearance of direct eye contact with their audience by positioning their script or notes directly below their webcam.
  • The app also works with any web conferencing platform, requiring no integration, and is available for both macOS and Windows.
“We’re excited to bring a product to market that we believe can truly help our leaders communicate more effectively during these unprecedented times,” said Mary Mellor, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer. “We’ve intentionally built this product with a simple design and intuitive user experience so that our customers can feel confident using VODIUM from day one.”

VODIUM is now available for purchase at, with monthly and annual subscriptions for both individuals and organizations.


VODIUM, LLC. is a Tennessee-based technology company committed to improving communication for all. VODIUM was founded in 2020 by a diverse, female team. To learn more about VODIUM visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter at @vodium_us.

About The Founders

Camille Padilla is Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of VODIUM. A proud second-generation Chicana who was raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Camille has built a career advocating for progressive communication in politics. She’s also Vice President at 4cm+m, a political media firm.

Mary Mellor is Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of VODIUM. Mary is passionate about people, technology, and education. She is also Founder & Principal at Mellor Marketing, a consulting agency focused on go-to-market strategy.