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Team VODIUMMay 9, 2023 12:36:58 PM7 min read

3 Ways Your Job Can Benefit from a Teleprompter for Zoom

Virtual meetings have never been more popular. They make it easier to connect with your team from anywhere. Research by Gartner found that through 2022, 75% of midsize enterprises will maintain a hybrid model, meaning more virtual meetings.

Remote meetings can be very convenient, but they can also feel stilted, unnatural, and more than a little boring. A lot of the interpersonal interaction is cut short, and technical difficulties can create a divide in understanding. We’ve all sat through an awful virtual meeting.

If you’re looking for a way to solve problems like these and make your meetings more engaging, then using a teleprompter for Zoom could be your best bet! You’ll have no problem sticking to your script without sacrificing the connection with your audience.

3 important ways you can benefit from a teleprompter for Zoom

Speak naturally while maintaining eye contact

Research shows that maintaining eye contact is one of the keys to establishing a connection between people. So if you want to lead Zoom meetings that truly resonate with your audience, then looking them in the eyes will be an important part of that. At the same time, you need to make sure that your messaging is on point. Otherwise, you may not get everything out of the meeting that you were hoping for when you scheduled it.

Teleprompters for Zoom solve this dilemma. They give you a simple way to ensure that you say everything you mean to say without interrupting the flow of conversation The net result is you get to seem more natural and engaging while leading a meeting, and it won’t come at the expense of being underprepared.

Additionally, a teleprompter can be placed near your camera, meaning you can maintain eye contact with your audience. Some virtual teleprompters, like VODIUM, even allow you lock your teleprompter in place, so you can get it into perfect position without worrying about shifting it over by accident.

Have more control over your message

Precision can be really important when you have meetings with clients and potential stakeholders. A precise message often requires a carefully orchestrated set of points that are designed to gradually move a customer or lead in the direction that you want them to go.

Virtual teleprompters can help a lot with this. They give you the ability to express your message exactly how you need to in order to achieve your goals for the meeting. The best part is, you won’t have to memorize anything to do that. You’ll just be able to read from your screen in a way that appears entirely natural to your counterparties. It could be just what you need to get as much out of your next meeting as possible.

One last thing that’s worth mentioning is that it can also help you get back on track when the meeting drifts out of your control. For example, several employees may start a conversation that takes you away from your core message. When that conversation is over, you won’t have to wonder where you left off and hope that you pick back up at the right time. You can get back into what you need to say immediately, without wasting any additional time.

Concentrate more on nonverbal communication

Most experts agree that between 70 and 93% of all communication is nonverbal. That means it’s not just what you say during a virtual meeting that matters; it’s how you say it. This could include your posture, facial expressions, gestures, and more. Those listening will notice these nonverbal cues and judge what you’re saying off of them.

However, the more you focus on nonverbal communication, the less space you have in your mind to focus on the words that you’re saying. It could end up causing mistakes in your messaging or unnatural starts and stops as you take breaks to think about what you should say next.

Virtual teleprompters can help with this problem as well. They give you easy access to the words that you want to say, so that you can focus on other aspects of your presentation, like using the correct nonverbal cues. The result is an enhanced message that’s delivered more naturally. If that sounds like a good deal to you, now is the best time to get started.

You can try VODIUM today for free if you’d like to see what a class-leading teleprompter for Zoom can do for you.

How a teleprompter for Zoom benefits your business

Up until now, we’ve been focusing on the ways that a teleprompter for Zoom can help you as a meeting leader, but  there are also plenty of different ways that you can help your business thrive by investing in one. We’ve highlighted some of the most useful examples of that below.

Promote business enablement

The concept of business enablement is all about increasing employee productivity by leveraging the right technologies, but it’s much more than that. You’re investing in technology to bring value to your company, your employees, and your customers. If this is a focus in your company, then investing in a teleprompter for your virtual meetings on Zoom could be the ideal addition to your plan.

There’s research that suggests people spend as much time preparing for a virtual meeting as they do attending it. So for every hour meeting that one of your employees leads, they may spend an hour getting ready for it.

That adds up to a ton of labor hours that could be allocated elsewhere to help your business thrive. With a good teleprompter, your employees won’t have to spend as much time getting ready for meetings because they won’t need to memorize everything that they’re going to say.

Not only that, but it’ll give your workers the ability to be spontaneous without losing the plot during their meetings. This means the meetings can be more productive through authenticity while reducing the amount of prep work it takes to create those meetings.

Engage better with customers

Virtual meetings are much more convenient for businesses and customers alike. But it’s also a lot easier to lose interest during a meeting or begin daydreaming when you’re not sitting in front of someone face-to-face.

You can do a lot to fight back against this by leading a meeting that’s more free-flowing and less planned. For many meeting leaders, it will even make sense to build this into the meeting strategy.

For example, you might take a dedicated break to ask a customer how they’re feeling about what you’ve said so far. Or you could plan some time up front to make small talk and connect with the client.

Regardless of how you do it, a Zoom teleprompter will make it easier for you to keep your clients engaged throughout your presentation. You can use it to hit the right notes at the right times and ensure that you don’t forget to engage your audience throughout the presentation.

Make meetings more enjoyable for employees

Virtual meetings are super convenient for companies but the unfortunate reality is that most employees dislike them. When someone dislikes a meeting format, they’re typically less motivated to engage or pay attention throughout the conversation.

Teleprompters can help you fight back against this tendency by making it easier to connect with your employees throughout your meetings. For example, you might set aside some time to get feedback from your workers, or you could take more liberty with side conversations, knowing that you have a teleprompter that will get you back on track when you’re ready.

When you build opportunities for engagement into your meeting, it helps employees feel like they’re more involved which in turn means your meetings are more likely to accomplish what you want them to.

Increase conversions

The bottom line is that Zoom teleprompters help you lead more effective meetings. They make it easier to:

  • Stay on track without having to worry about memorization
  • Build opportunities for engagement and connection into your presentations to keep audiences interested
  • Concentrate more on nonverbal communication and eye contact
  • Help your employees reduce the amount of time they need to prepare for important meetings

All of this adds up to help your company get as much out of its meetings as possible, and that generally means you’re going to see more conversions from clients as a result.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. But the better your meetings are, the likelier your messaging is to resonate with potential customers. And Zoom teleprompter software makes it easier to host great virtual meetings.

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