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Team VODIUMJun 26, 2023 8:00:00 AM5 min read

5 Virtual Interviewing Tips for Hiring Managers in 2024

Are you looking for ways to make the hiring process easier? Virtual interviewing is an effective method for employers to quickly evaluate candidates and determine who might be the perfect addition to their team. 

As a hiring manager, it’s important to know how to make the most of virtual interviews to maximize efficiency while simultaneously helping potential employees feel comfortable and confident throughout the interview process. 

In this blog, we’ll provide five tips on how to run successful virtual interviews as a hiring manager.

Virtual interview tips for hiring managers 

Keep the following tips in mind to create a smooth hiring experience for businesses and candidates alike. 

Select the interview type and format with care 

When it comes to virtual interviews, not all interview formats are made equal. 

In addition to considering the most suitable interview format for the skills, expertise, and experience that you want to assess, you’ll also want to ensure that the format you choose adapts well to a virtual environment. 

Some popular interview formats include: 

  • One-on-one interview
  • Group interview
  • Panel interview
  • Behavioral interview
  • Technical interview
  • Situational interview

You might also choose to include multiple rounds of interviews (often with varying formats) to assess and compare candidates throughout the hiring process. 

One-to-one interviews are easily carried out virtually, whether over the phone or through the use of video conferencing software such as Zoom. Similarly, panel interviews can be easily adapted to a virtual setting, although tend to be better suited to video conferencing as opposed to conference calls. 

Group interviews, while possible to carry out virtually, may be easier to complete in an in-person setting in which collaboration between candidates can be more easily encouraged. 

Technical interviews can be conducted either virtually or in person depending on the complexity of the technology being discussed, as well as what resources are available to both parties involved. 

Lastly, behavioral or situational interviews may be better suited to virtual settings since they don’t require physical interaction between interviewer and interviewee to assess behavioral traits such as problem-solving skills or communication ability.

Set clear expectations about the interview process (and follow through)

Research shows that candidates who receive interview information in advance tend to have a more positive candidate experience

Aim to set clear expectations about the interview process, including information about: 

  • The interview format and length
  • An agenda, including the types of questions that will be asked
  • The names, departments, and roles of all interviewers (especially for panel interviews)
  • Any elements that should be prepared by the candidate in advance (e.g., a presentation)
  • Technical requirements for video conferencing
  • An estimated timeline for when participants can expect to receive feedback.

Once expectations have been set, make sure to stick to these to ensure a smooth and fair interviewing process for all candidates. Following up within the given time frame is particularly important. Not only will candidates appreciate knowing the outcome of their interview and receiving any relevant feedback, but they may also have other interviews scheduled – responding promptly could save you from losing a candidate to another position. 

Communicate company culture and values 

Communicating company values and culture during a virtual interview is especially important because these may not be communicated as automatically as during an in-person interview. 

What the virtual interview format lacks in the way of office tours or introductions to coworkers, it can make up for with the provision of multimedia aids that demonstrate the workplace, company culture and values, and working styles. Consider including a brief intro video introducing the company and featuring department heads, or highlighting your business’ founder story. Uploading your notes on key company data points into a virtual teleprompter can be a great way to stay on track and deliver a compelling presentation. 

Whatever approach you take, make sure to clearly articulate your company’s mission, purpose, and values. This step is essential in ensuring that the candidate is a good fit for the team – and vice versa!

Test your tech ahead of time 

This tip might seem obvious, but the vast majority of technical mishaps can be avoided quickly and easily by taking the time to test your interview set-up ahead of time. 

Regardless of the virtual interviewing software you choose, make sure your internet connection is reliable, your audio and video are functional, and you have access to any documents or applications you may need during the interview. Have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties, such as calling the candidate on their cell phone if necessary. By testing your tech in advance, you can ensure that the virtual interview runs smoothly and that you make a great first impression on potential candidates.

Schedule time to review and compare candidates 

Setting aside time to review candidates can help to ensure that you’re taking into account all the information provided in both the interviews and accompanying documents as you make an informed decision. A dedicated review period can help encourage a fair hiring process and work to reduce personal bias. 

You may also want to schedule a few hours of uninterrupted time on a specific day where you can focus solely on going over the interviews, comparing candidates, and making notes of any questions you might have. This can be particularly useful as you establish which candidates will progress to the next round in a multi-round interview, particularly if the virtual interviews have taken place over a longer stretch of time. 

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