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Team VODIUMJun 28, 2023 8:00:00 AM5 min read

How to Use a Zoom Teleprompter to Communicate Like a Pro

From a lack of training around virtual tools to navigating with less information from body language cues, adjusting to remote communication can be a challenge. If obstacles to effective communication are holding you back at work, a Zoom teleprompter could be the perfect tool for you. 

In this blog, we'll explain how to use a Zoom teleprompter to communicate better and keep your audience engaged – whether that’s your coworkers, clients, or interview candidates. You'll learn about the benefits of using a teleprompter for Zoom, as well as how to set one up and use it across 3 different scenarios: a presentation, an interview, and a sales pitch. Let’s jump right into it!

The benefits of using a teleprompter app for Zoom meetings

A virtual teleprompter sits on top of all video conferencing platforms like Zoom and helps professionals to simulate in-person conversation and communicate effectively, without having to switch tabs or refer to physical notes. 

Let’s explore some top benefits of using a virtual teleprompter:

Reference your script or notes as needed

The main benefit of using a virtual teleprompter is the ability to access your script or notes within your videoconferencing call. 

A virtual teleprompter removes the need to have multiple windows open simultaneously or to glance down at physical notes by allowing you to view all the information you need on hand directly within your virtual call. Compatible with a range of popular video conferencing software options – including Zoom – a virtual teleprompter is a great addition to any remote workspace. 

Maintain eye contact 

Research has shown that maintaining eye contact has been linked to:

  • Improved concentration and confidence
  • Increased audience engagement
  • Greater empathy and trust
  • An increased sense of the speaker’s authority

With so many benefits, maintaining eye contact while on Zoom – especially with minimal other body language readily accessible – seems like a no-brainer. 

A virtual teleprompter sits directly below your computer camera, allowing you to read off your script while simultaneously keeping eye contact with your Zoom participants. Whether you’re presenting findings at a meeting or closing a sales deal, the ability to read the room via eye contact is an invaluable tool to bring to your Zoom calls. 

Feel in control, feel confident

A virtual teleprompter can be a great asset to boost your confidence on a Zoom call. A teleprompter allows you to upload your notes or script ahead of time and have them easily accessible on-screen during the call. This way, you won't have to worry about forgetting the specifics or getting flustered if you lose your place. 

How to use a Zoom teleprompter in 3 scenarios

To use a virtual teleprompter:

  • Download the teleprompter software and open it in Zoom
  • Type or paste in the script that you would like to use
  • Adjust the teleprompter settings to change the font size and speed
  • Ensure your camera is located at eye level and view your script beneath
  • Relax as you read off the teleprompter! 

You can also discover how to use a teleprompter for Zoom meetings while sharing your screen by watching this step-by-step tutorial!

Now you’re ready to use your teleprompter to level up your Zoom skills!

The presentation

One of the most popular ways to use a Zoom teleprompter is as a prompt during a virtual meeting, presentation, or conference. 

A virtual teleprompter allows you to upload your script or notes ahead of time and then access them throughout your virtual event. This can be a fantastic way to reliably store your notes – whether that’s a slides summary, full script, talking points, or questions – for easy access as and when you need them. 

Features such as autonomous scrolling can give you the freedom you need to focus on your presentation and how it's being received by the audience, without having to keep your place or scroll through notes. By setting the scroll speed, you can match the pace of your script to your natural speaking pace, and even insert pauses. 

The interview 

Have you ever wished you could have your carefully crafted interview questions – or answers – right at your fingertips during an interview? 

Now you can! 

Another scenario in which a Zoom teleprompter can make your virtual communications that much easier is during a virtual interview. As a hiring manager or interviewer, a teleprompter allows you to upload your interview questions ahead of time, which can help you to stick to a predetermined structure and maintain fairness when carrying out multiple interviews for the same position. 

Similarly, candidates can benefit from uploading their main talking points, dates for key roles they have held, or answers to key questions. Even if not referenced during the interview, notes can help a candidate to feel prepared, boost their confidence, and help them to make the best first impression they can. 

The sales pitch

The final scenario in which a virtual teleprompter can make a world of difference to your virtual communication is the sales call. 

Sales reps are often responsible for memorizing large amounts of product or service information, including pricing plans, contact information, timelines, and more. Having this information on-screen for easy reference can provide a much-needed confidence boost, especially for reps who are new to the job, or selling an unfamiliar product. 

Confidence is essential to the art of sales, and equipping sales reps to approach their customer and client calls with confidence starts with providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. For this reason, a virtual teleprompter can make an excellent addition to a successful sales enablement strategy. 

Get started with your Zoom teleprompter today 

Born out of the desire to equip remote workers to communicate with confidence, VODIUM’s virtual teleprompter app is a must-have for professionals navigating the world of hybrid work. 

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