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Team VODIUMJun 30, 2023 8:00:00 AM5 min read

The Best Teleprompter for Laptop Webcams is...

A virtual teleprompter can be a fantastic way to up your presentation game when working remotely. However, with an expanding range of tools and technologies available for virtual work, it can be tough to assess which ones are best suited to your working style or business. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss five key features to look for when selecting a virtual teleprompter, from ease of use to compatibility with your existing setup. Then, we’ll outline some top benefits of adding a laptop teleprompter to your existing remote work set-up. 

Let’s take a look at what makes a virtual teleprompter stand out from the crowd!

Essential features to look for in a teleprompter for video 

As you compare options for your laptop teleprompter, you may want to consider the following features in order to select the option that is the best fit for your needs:

Easily upload notes or scripts

The ability to easily upload notes or a script – regardless of file format – can make it substantially easier to make use of a virtual teleprompter. Ideally, look for a teleprompter that supports common file formats such as:

  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pdf
  • .txt
  • .odt

Alternatively, opt for a teleprompter that supports the specific file types that you tend to use at work. This will save you the hassle of having to manually type your notes into the teleprompter, as well as make it easier to make last-minute adjustments if your script changes. 

The ability to control the scroll speed

Being able to control the scroll speed on a virtual teleprompter is an important feature for any presenter. This allows you to adjust the speed of your presentation so that it matches your speaking pace, avoiding awkward pauses or rushing through words. 

Additionally, controlling the scroll speed allows you to add emphasis to certain words or phrases during a presentation by slowing down their scroll speed. This helps you keep your audience engaged and makes sure that everyone can easily follow along with what you are saying. Overall, the more control you can have over the way a teleprompter displays your script, the better you can personalize it to your speaking style and deliver your content with confidence!

The ability to control the transparency and position of the text 

The ability to adjust the transparency, font size, and text position while using a virtual teleprompter is an essential accessibility feature to keep an eye out for. 

Being able to adjust the transparency and font size ensures you’ll be able to view your text – and the participants or imagery behind it – regardless of factors outside of your control, such as the color scheme, brightness, or call setup. Similarly, the ability to adjust the position of the text allows you to make a judgment call regarding which elements of the screen you need to see most and to adjust that throughout the presentation as needed. 

Since presentations, calls, and meetings will vary widely, having a flexible teleprompter to adapt to various scenarios is a must. 

Suitability for use with multiple platforms and operating systems

When selecting a virtual teleprompter for your laptop or desktop computer, it’s essential to ensure that it will run with both the operating system your device uses and the videoconferencing software that you intend to use it with. 

For example, VODIUM’s teleprompter app is suitable for use on either Windows or MacOS and is compatible with all major video conferencing software options, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoho, Slack, Jitsi, Cisco Webex, Skype, FaceTime, AdobeConnect, and Discord. Phew!

Regardless of the teleprompter you choose, you want to be certain that you can use it where you need it most. 

Benefits of using a virtual teleprompter 

There are a wide variety of benefits to using a virtual teleprompter. Let’s explore some of the highlights:

Maintain eye contact while presenting 

Maintaining eye contact during a video conference call is an important communication tool that can help foster trust, build relationships, and increase engagement. When participants are able to make eye contact with each other, it creates a more personal connection and encourages open dialogue. 

With the use of a virtual teleprompter app, individuals participating in video conferences can maintain consistent eye contact even while viewing their notes – users can view their notes while still looking directly at the camera (and therefore their audience!) This encourages natural and engaging communication, even in a virtual environment. 

Stick to your script with precision

No matter how many times you’ve rehearsed your presentation, or given the same sales pitch, there can be times when it’s hard to recall key phrases, figures, or talking points. In those moments, having notes to fall back on can be both a practical and emotional support. 

With a virtual teleprompter, these notes (or your entire script) can be easily overlaid over your video conference call, with no need to refer to separate documents, windows, or written notes. This can make sticking to your script a whole lot easier. A teleprompter can reduce performance anxiety and boost confidence in communicating through virtual mediums. 

Boost your confidence in communicating virtually 

With 91% of presenters feeling more confident when presenting with a well-designed slide deck to back them up, it can pay to be well-prepared. Having a virtual teleprompter can allow you to focus on your participants without having to read directly from your presentation to keep you on track. 

Having your notes displayed on a teleprompter can be a great way to increase your confidence with virtual communication, especially if you’re adjusting to transitioning to remote work from an in-person work environment. 

A teleprompter stores your presentation or meeting notes in a secure and accessible way and then lets you easily view them during your call. Knowing that you have the info you need directly at your fingertips – and not having to worry about losing your place in your notes or opening the right tab – can be a real confidence booster, and help minimize performance anxiety in those crucial moments. 

The best teleprompter for laptop webcams: VODIUM

Now that you’ve learned the essential features to look for in a teleprompter for your laptop or desktop (as well as some top benefits to doing so) you’re ready to choose your virtual teleprompter and put it into action! 

Here at VODIUM, our mission is to empower remote workers to feel confident in their virtual communications. To find out more about what we do, or to start your free 14-day trial of VODIUM’s teleprompter, reach out to VODIUM today!