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Team VODIUMMay 9, 2023 12:35:19 PM6 min read

A Teleprompter Can Help You Nail These 7 Sales Techniques

Let’s be honest, a teleprompter app is probably not the first tool you think of when it comes to ways to enhance the sales techniques employed by you or your sales force. After all, it’s not like you can’t get by with notes on paper. However, getting by isn’t good enough. If you want to nail sales calls and close more deals, you need every advantage you can get.

So, how can a teleprompter help? In this article, we’ll discuss how a teleprompter app like VODIUM can give you the edge you need to perfect your sales techniques.

7 sales techniques improved by a teleprompter

Staying prepared with a sales script

One of the most important aspects of sales is making sure that you and your team are on the same page when it comes to your sales approach. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by creating a standardized sales script for your sales force to follow. This will allow your sales force to present a coherent, united message to any and all sales prospects they may interact with.

Where teleprompter apps like VODIUM can help enhance this process is allowing you to have that sales script at the ready during virtual meetings and have it displayed over the video screen. You won’t have to continually look away to consult physical or virtual notes during the meeting.

A teleprompter app can be set up beforehand to feed you the script during the call, allowing you to hit all the relevant talking points with ease and confidence. You’ll never have to worry about memorizing, making you appear professional and prepared to the potential client.

Personalizing the approach

In a similar vein, it’s advisable to do everything you can to personalize your standard sales script to the specific prospect you’re contacting. You need to do your research and learn about the prospect before calling them to make sure you can address their specific needs during the call.

A well-prepared salesperson should know as much about the potential client as possible and have that information at hand when making the call. This is where a teleprompter app can come in handy because it’ll allow you to have those facts and notes right in front of you during the conversation with your prospect. You won’t have to switch over your CRM tab every time you need to recall information about your prospect.

Again, so much of it comes down to the ability to look at these notes and facts without having to break eye contact or look away from the client to consult notes. With a teleprompter, you seem well-versed in the prospect’s company, values, and even employee names. This, in turn, boosts your credibility.

Connecting with non-verbal communication

Studies suggest that 93% of all communication is non-verbal in nature. This means that, at any time, you’re saying more with eye contact, facial expressions, and body language than you ever are with your voice. That needs to be taken into context when conducting a sales meeting.

This information is especially critical for virtual sales meetings, as so much of that non-verbal communication is cut off by the limitations of video. A teleprompter app can help you enhance and control your non-verbal communication by removing the need to look away from the camera and freeing your hands from notes to drive points home with the right gestures.

Also, without having to concentrate on memorizing talking points or getting the right words out, your brain has more space to concentrate on other aspects of communication. With a teleprompter, you can maintain eye contact, speak with confidence, and make full use of non-verbal cues.

Being an active listener

A good salesperson knows that talking to a prospective client is only half of the job. The other half involves listening to the prospective client and tailoring your responses based on what the client says. Active listening is all about paying attention to your client as they speak and responding—not reacting—to them in specific ways to alleviate their fears or address concerns.

This can be difficult to do on a virtual sales call, especially if you’re constantly having to check notes or look away to jot things down. The more time you spend focusing on what you’re saying and how you’re going to say it, the less time you can spend actively listening to the prospect.

A teleprompter app can help remove the need to focus on what you’re planning on saying. Many teleprompter apps even allow you to take notes directly in the teleprompter, allowing you to key in on specific items important to your client without looking away. Who knew a teleprompter would help you be a better speaker and listener?

Pacing the conversation

Pacing may not be the first sales technique that springs to mind but it is certainly one that should be examined. A sales meeting isn’t always just a static presentation: it can be dynamic and changing. Because of this, you may need to adjust the tempo of the sales pitch on the fly.

Teleprompter apps like VODIUM are uniquely suited to this kind of task. They offer automatic scrolling features that allow you to control the speed of the text scroll on the screen, allowing you to speak as quickly or as slowly as you need during a presentation. VODIUM also offers a manual scrolling option so you can jump around in the sales script if the call is more conversational than a presentation.

Regardless of the type of virtual sales meeting you’re on, a teleprompter app can help you control the pacing to make it as effective as possible.

Making full use of video conferencing

Unless you’re using some kind of proprietary video-calling software–which, if you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume you aren’t–you’re going to need to use video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom to conduct your sales calls.

We’ve spent some time telling you about how teleprompter apps can help enhance your sales, but just as important is that you select a teleprompter app that is compatible with the video-calling software used by your sales team. If the teleprompter app doesn’t work with the video-calling software you use, then none of the points on this list will be of use to you.

VODIUM is compatible with all the major video-calling apps used today and allows you to make full use of their features. Then, you’ll be able to practice the above techniques with whatever video-calling app you use.

Closing the deal

Everything we’ve spoken about up to this point is all in aid of one very simple goal: closing the deal.

Making the sale requires you to present your company as the solution to the unique set of problems faced by your prospective client, whatever those may be. And to do that, you need to deliver exactly what the client needs while having your best foot forward, appearing competent and confident.

A good teleprompter app like VODIUM can assist you in getting to that point. By using our various features, you can demonstrate superior communication techniques, as well as consummate professionalism.

VODIUM is the perfect teleprompter tool for your sales techniques

VODIUM is a teleprompter tool specifically designed to add value to your business and its sales calls, offering features such as automatic scrolling, locking the app beneath your computer’s camera, and the ability to stay on top of other windows so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost while presenting. It is compatible with all major video calling software and will surely be an invaluable asset to your business.

Come over to the VODIUM website and start your free trial today. We look forward to helping you take your business’s sales to the next level!