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Team VODIUM5 min read

How Teleprompter Software Can Revolutionize Your Work Calls

Over 75% of the workforce has adapted to conducting regular virtual meetings. While many find virtual meetings more productive, many others have a difficult time recreating the human connection. Connecting with your audience becomes a thousand times more challenging when presenting virtually.

When conducting a work call, presentation is of utmost importance. Teleprompters have always been excellent presentation aids, and teleprompter software takes it to a new level. In turn, the connection between colleagues isn’t interrupted—even when doing it remotely.

Teleprompter software like VODIUM gives presenters unprecedented control over your delivery and staying on message, and formatting, scroll speed, and text direction as it appears on the screen. They’re easy to use and more affordable than ever. As more work become virtual, the ability to use a teleprompter with ease is an extremely valuable skill.

Benefits of Using Teleprompter Software in Work Calls

Reduce awkward pauses

Frequently engaging your audience is a hallmark of communication. However, when you do that, you may lose your place, causing hiccups. Every time there is an unnecessary pause, you risk losing members of your audience.

When you read from a teleprompter, you can stay on track with your presentation while simultaneously engaging with your audience. As you read the words on the screen, your eyes will naturally stay towards the camera, allowing you to make eye contact with everyone in the room.

Because you can read your script without losing your place, you maintain your audience’s focus. In circumstances where losing your audience to unnatural pauses isn’t an option, this is a crucial advantage.

Boost your credibility

Trying to memorize what to say isn't effective, especially when handling complex technical terminology and jargon—not to mention, time consuming. There’s more of a chance for you as the presenter to get things wrong, which reduces your credibility.

Using a teleprompter, you don’t risk letting credibility slip. If you have trouble remembering your messaging during work calls, a teleprompter can be invaluable, as it helps you stay calm, self-assured, and consummately professional.

When you use a teleprompter instead of doing a work call off the cuff, you appear more credible in the eyes of your audience, thereby boosting the effectiveness of your messaging. After all, isn’t great communication what virtual meetings are all about?

Be more persuasive

Before speaking virtually in front of a large group, you might worry about whether you can be persuasive enough to make an impact. A teleprompter eliminates this anxiety by inconspicuously feeding you a prepared script.

One of the most important persuasive skills is body language. The nuances of non-verbal cues that are natural in person are difficult to convey in a virtual environment. By not having to memorize a speech or manually scroll, teleprompter software allows you to focus more of your attention on your body language.

Additionally, when you have your notes in front of you, you maintain direct eye contact. The less time you spend reviewing your notes, the more fully present to your audience you can be.

You’ve spent a lot of time preparing what you need to say. A teleprompter gives you complete control over your messaging, so you can reduce the amount of improvising you have to do.

Create the right intonation

Pacing and intonation are crucial during work calls. Sometimes, how you say something makes all the difference. Speak too quickly, and you diminish the impact of your messaging. Talk too sluggishly, and your audience could start to nod off.

Because a teleprompter lets you control the speed of your words, you can set just the right pace for your presentation. Proper pacing enables you to emphasize key selling points that can attract more customers or increase the chances of your audience responding to your call to action.

Time is of the essence. With proper pacing, you’ll take the right amount of time to make your point, ensuring that your virtual meeting doesn’t go into overtime. Participants that have responsibilities immediately after the meeting’s conclusion will surely appreciate that.

Speak more precisely

Having superb presentation skills is crucial to business success, and accuracy is key. The more accurate the information you’re giving, the better understanding your audience will have.

You might consider yourself excellent at delivering impromptu work calls. However, sometimes, relying on your innate talent isn't enough. There are occasions when precise language is of paramount importance. Under these kinds of circumstances, a teleprompter can be a godsend.

For example, let’s say you’re discussing an upcoming merger that has a lot of moving parts. In that case, you’ll want to get all the confusing terminology right. A teleprompter allows you to speak with laser-sharp precision, so everyone understands exactly what’s going on.

A teleprompter is especially helpful when you need to accurately deliver technical or legal details related to your business. A teleprompter helps you appear in control so you don’t worry employees and investors.

Scale your business as an entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you need your audience to take action, such as buying your product or signing up for your email list. In these cases, a teleprompter can drastically improve conversions due to your confidence on screen.

If you’re on a call with potential customers who might be interested in signing up for your new meal kit service, you’ll want to ensure that you’re as convincing as can be. A teleprompter helps you get your wording right, so you make the kind of impact that persuades them to fork over their hard-earned money.

If you’re a startup founder trying to convince investors of the viability of your idea, being persuasive can mean the difference between getting all that sweet cash and being left to fend on your own. A teleprompter allows you to focus on the delivery itself, instead of the content of your investor call.

How VODIUM revolutionizes work calls

VODIUM is a teleprompter software that can make a massive difference in how you do business.

Our mission at VODIUM is to empower you to be the best communicator possible on video in order to get the results you want. Whether you need to pull off successful webinars, make difficult conversations with employees easier or execute sales presentations that impress—VODIUM works for you.

You'll want to use VODIUM for all your presentations because it dramatically boosts engagement while helping you exude confidence. VODIUM is super easy to download, simple to operate, and can handle any kind of prepared speech.

It’s about time your business made the quantum leap to the next level of virtual communications by using teleprompter software. Feel more confident when presenting virtually and feel more natural and polished no matter what you need to communicate.

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