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Team VODIUMMay 9, 2023 12:36:54 PM7 min read

Finding the Right Teleprompter for Your Laptop

Imagine you're sitting in front of your laptop about to make a crucial presentation to investors in a city thousands of miles away from your corporate home base.

You want to convince them to plunk down their VC cash for your exciting new concept: a smart deadbolt connected to Wi-Fi that comes with a ton of cool security features, including NFC chips to lock and unlock doors.

Instead of having to memorize what you want to say or reading it off jumbled notes, you see every word of your script displayed right in front of you on your laptop.

That's because you're using a virtual teleprompter that helps you appear confident and in charge instead of scattered and distracted. A teleprompter app transforms your laptop into an online teleprompter you can take with you for presentations on the road.

Because transparency controls on the app allow you to see your audience, you can instantly gauge their reaction to your presentation. This immediately tells you whether your idea is a diamond or a dud.

The benefits of an online teleprompter for your laptop

If you're afraid you won't remember what you need to say when speaking during a webinar, online meeting, or live stream, then consider getting an online teleprompter for your laptop.

It provides all the functionality of a teleprompter without the hefty hardware costs!

A virtual teleprompter frees you of the need to memorize a speech because you can read your script off a computer screen. This can give you that extra edge you need to supercharge your presentation skills.

You'll be able to speak more naturally with teleprompter software than you can with written notes. That's because you can keep your gaze firmly fixated on the camera instead of constantly looking down at your script.

This gives the appearance that you're looking into the eyes of every single presentation participant, which boosts engagement.

To be more genuine when presenting, you need to look up every so often at your audience. Using teleprompter software on a laptop helps you not lose your place.

That way, you won't forget where you left off.

Can using a teleprompter app on your laptop improve your work life?

If you're an employee of a business moving to a hybrid work model, the answer to that question is a resounding "yes."

According to a study, 30% of employees worked remotely at least part of the time before the COVID-19 crisis. Even though the pandemic is (mostly) drawing to a close, the percentage isn’t expected to drop by a large degree.

This means that more people than ever will be hybrid workers, which means they'll work at home and the office.

In this new era of virtual work, people need a tool that allows them to overcome the barriers to engaging with an online audience. One of these tools is virtual teleprompters.

Features to look for in a virtual teleprompter for your laptop

Operating systems and meeting platform compatibility

Your virtual laptop teleprompter should seamlessly integrate with all meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Webex, and MS Teams.

Otherwise, you might not be able to use it when you want to. That means all the fantastic benefits of a virtual teleprompter—such as the ability to make direct eye contact with audience members while reading your script—won't be available to you.

Besides meeting platforms, an online teleprompter should be compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. That's because if you have a Windows computer and other presenters have a Mac, everyone will be able to use the same subscription for all their teleprompter needs.

That way, your team won't waste time learning how to use a different teleprompter. At VODIUM, our app is compatible with both operating systems and most meeting platforms, making it more versatile than many other online teleprompters.

Affordably priced

You want your laptop teleprompter to be reasonably priced, don’t you?

At VODIUM, we're guessing you probably don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a virtual teleprompter. That's why we offer affordable and flexible monthly and discounted yearly subscriptions.

If you’re planning to use VODIUM for your organization as a whole, you can contact us for bulk and enterprise pricing that works for you!

If you want to experience our app's impressive functionality firsthand before deciding, we offer a free 14-day trial.

Able to import and export text

Your virtual laptop teleprompter should let you import and export text easily without losing any of your careful formatting. That way, if you wrote a speech on your desktop and are on the road with your laptop, you'll be able to tweak your script on the fly.

Adjustable scroll speed options

A good teleprompter app has variable scroll speed to add variety to your vocal delivery.

When speaking virtually, you'll want to ensure that you don't talk at one constant speed. That's because, without pace variation, you're in danger of sounding like a robot.

Varying the speed of your speech makes it more interesting for meeting participants. For example, if you want to convey the contagious excitement you have for your company's new product offering, speak more quickly.

Slow it down when you want your words to have more gravitas, such as when you need to communicate the new competitive threats your company is facing.

When vocal delivery speed doesn't vary, it's challenging for your audience to maintain interest in what you have to say.

Allows you to stay engaged with your audience

When speaking to a virtual crowd, you'll want to see how receptive they are to what you're saying. Unfortunately, not all virtual teleprompters let you do this, depriving you of valuable feedback you could have used to improve your presentations.

VODIUM's transparency controls let you see your audience behind the app. This allows you to stay engaged with them and gauge their reactions.

That way, you can get immediate feedback on whether your ideas were a big flop or a resounding success.

What's more, you'll be able to view and interact with meeting participants, which you couldn't do if you were using a full-screen Word Doc or PDF file to look at the words of your script.

Enables direct eye contact

When meetings and interviews move from being face-to-face to being primarily virtual, many things change.

One of these things is that direct eye contact, which is so vital for engagement, becomes a bit more challenging. Making eye contact is hard during online meetings unless you have a technological aid.

That aid is a virtual teleprompter.

No hybrid work toolkit is complete without one. The intuitive controls of an online teleprompter mean there's not much of a learning curve when first learning to use one. You can adjust overlay transparency, scroll speed, font size, text and background colors, and more at the press of a button.

Your audience will feel like you're looking directly at them when what you're really doing is reading your script off the app.

Because nobody in your audience can see the teleprompter, your secret is safe.

No more written notes

In virtual meetings, seeking help from assistants because you forgot a crucial talking point is considered unprofessional.

So is digging through piles of paperwork to find the notes you need when elaborating on an important point.

With a virtual teleprompter for your laptop, your digital notes are directly in your line of sight. This allows you to access them without breaking eye contact with your virtual audience.

Variable font sizes

You don't want to squint when delivering an important business presentation because the font size is too small. That could seriously undermine the effectiveness of what you have to say.

When you squint, you make it painfully obvious that you're reading a script rather than making it appear you're delivering an impromptu speech.

That's why you must choose a virtual teleprompter that lets you change the text size in settings. Having this ability also enables you to adjust pacing.

For example, a bigger text size means the scrolling will be faster.

Unlock the possibility for flawless presentations with VODIUM

Because it's essential to seize every opportunity to generate engagement during a virtual meeting, you need a tool that facilitates two-way communication.

VODIUM is the solution. It’s a business enablement platform that offers a virtual teleprompter for all your presenting needs! VODIUM allows you to make direct eye contact with your audience without constantly glancing down at notes, which can be a real buzz kill!

If you want a cutting-edge teleprompter solution engineered for an age of rapid digital transformation, today!