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Team VODIUMMay 9, 2023 12:35:31 PM5 min read

How VODIUM Can Ensure High-Performance Communication for Higher Education Leadership

Once upon a time, communication within the halls of higher education involved working lunches or meeting face-to-face in an office somewhere on campus. But as the concept of higher education is evolving in the world, so too are the ways in which faculty and leadership communicate with one another.

Digital has become the preferred medium for communication in higher education and with it the need for higher education leaders to deliver dynamic and engaging messaging and presentations.

To help facilitate this, more and more college faculty are turning to services and tools like VODIUM, a virtual teleprompter app, to help them engage in communication that is clear, efficient, and confident.

What is VODIUM?

VODIUM is a premiere teleprompter app that provides a powerful platform for leaders of higher education looking to enhance their communication in the digital sphere.

It is a cloud-based software solution that allows users to quickly and easily create scripts for their online meetings or virtual class sessions. It also allows users to store notes for later perusal.

VODIUM’s primary function is to serve as a virtual teleprompter app, allowing users to display those pre-made scripts on any device. The scripts are overlaid onto the video window of whatever virtual meeting software you’re using, which in turn allows you to maintain eye contact and concentrate on clear communication without the need to memorize or worry about what you’re going to say next.

VODIUM teleprompter software allows higher education leaders to easily practice their messaging and delivery, leading to increased confidence and ease with their communication while also allowing for the freedom to improvise when warranted.

Benefits of VODIUM as a teleprompter service

VODIUM allows you to pre-load scripts for use in any virtual meeting and is compatible with all the major video conferencing software. It also includes features such as auto-scrolling, allowing you to set the pace of the presentation automatically so you’re free to concentrate on what and how you’re saying it rather than how fast it’s going.

VODIUM also allows users to store and review their videos at a later date. This lets the user see how their messages are being received by the other people in the video conference.

Factors such as body language and speaking style can be analyzed easily. Once that information is obtained, it allows the user to augment their communication techniques as needed to increase the efficacy of the leader’s communication.

Finally, VODIUM offers full 24-hour customer support, so users can enter into any virtual conference or discussion with confidence knowing that any technical glitch they may encounter will be quickly addressed by the VODIUM technical support team.

Why do you need VODIUM as a higher education leader?

Leaders in higher education face a variety of challenges when it comes to clear communication, some of which are so ingrained in the fabric of higher education that it can become difficult for leaders in the field to even recognize them. The following is a list of some but by no means all of the unique challenges that a leader in higher education might face in terms of communication.

Over-reliance on jargon

While this can be a danger in almost any industry, it can be especially prevalent within higher education. Educators develop their own language, often consisting of high-concept scholastic or scientific terms, and leaders in higher education tend to develop even greater stores of jargon.

Unfortunately, this tends to mean that when talking to others, they tend to overuse those same terms and leave the others in the conversation trying to parse meaning from a dense thicket of jargon.

Excessive formality

Especially for leaders, the temptation to fall into overly formal language is often present in higher education. Unfortunately, while formality can sound impressive for a time, it can also come off as distant or aloof, which in turn makes it much less likely that your audience will warm to what you are trying to communicate to them.

Information overload and drought

Any leader in any field risks overwhelming their audience with all the knowledge at their command. While imparting key pieces of knowledge is often needed during a conversation, too much can leave others confused and disengaged.

On the opposite end, some higher education leaders can tend to hold back too much-needed information, leading to a different kind of confusion in their listeners. Failing to give out all the needed information can leave audiences frustrated, which turns to a lack of engagement and the inability to process what you’re trying to communicate.

Not enough focus on digital or technological tools

Leaders of higher education can often be so caught up in tradition or just in the day-to-day running of their schools that they can fall behind on current trends and tools in their sphere.

Neglecting to utilize modern digital tools like VODIUM in your communication attempts can lead to misunderstanding or even underperformance, especially in this day of distance learning and virtual meetings.

How VODIUM can aid communication for higher education leadership

Communicate more effectively without memorization

VODIUM allows you to pre-load scripts and speeches into its teleprompter function ahead of your meetings, allowing you to concentrate not on memorizing long speeches or key points, but on how you’re engaging with your listeners.

Pre-loading your key points or speeches into VODIUM ahead of time also allows you to practice beforehand, which will help you get comfortable and catch any errors before going into the meeting.

Focus your efforts on body language and nonverbal communication

Research has shown that 55% of all communication occurs on a non-verbal level. VODIUM, because it allows you to communicate without needing to focus specifically on what you’re saying, lets you shift that focus onto how you are presenting yourself non-verbally to your listeners.

Ensure your presentations are accessible

One of the critical points of accessibility is pacing, making sure your listeners both have the time to process the information you are communicating and you’re not going so slow as to lose their interest.

VODIUM, with its automatic scrolling feature with variable speeds, allows you to control the pace of your presentation. If the conversation is more natural and free-flowing, it offers a manual scrolling option.

VODIUM is the tool you need for high performance communication

VODIUM is just the tool for leaders in higher education to take their communication performance to the next level. The powerful cloud-based platform and its 24-hour support staff allow you to make conversation and deliver presentations with confidence.

Come by our website and download a free trial to start using VODIUM today!