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Benefits of Using a Virtual Teleprompter | VODIUM
Team VODIUMMay 9, 2023 12:46:10 PM5 min read

Benefits of Using an On Screen Teleprompter Software for Zoom and Teams Meetings

More than three-quarters of the workforce has adapted to using virtual meetings regularly. And countless surveys have concluded that upwards of 96% of respondents feel that virtual meetings are typically more productive. But for some, it is still hard to create that human connection that seems to come naturally in the office.

Are you struggling to make authentic connections in virtual meetings? Presenting in meetings via a webcam is a lot like giving a speech on video. It is hard to keep your notes handy while maintaining eye contact with your audience. A teleprompter is a seamless solution — and industry standard when it comes to media production.

A teleprompter will give you more confidence and your audience a better experience. VODIUM is a virtual on screen teleprompter app that sits on top of your video conference software, making it easy to use on top of your virtual meetings.

Confidently present online with VODIUM

VODIUM is a virtual teleprompter that puts confidence back into virtual communication.

Stay on Track with a Teleprompter for Computer

Virtual meetings put presenters on high-definition display, amplifying distracting behaviors like checking your notes. You are already working with a tough audience. Participants are less engaged on the screen than in real life. The physical separation is probably to blame for the lack of cohesiveness, but virtual meetings are here to stay. So we need to focus on how to recapture that attention.

Fluid, productive meetings are the best way to keep everyone engaged. There is no room for side conversations or wandering thoughts, so it is important to make a plan and stick to it. But rifling through a stack of papers or constantly looking down at an agenda can be very distracting to a virtual audience.

The solution: a virtual teleprompter software. A teleprompter app puts your notes right in your line of sight so you can quickly reference them without breaking eye contact with your virtual audience. And unlike displaying your notes full screen in a PDF, teleprompter apps allow you to see your audience and interact with them.

Keep engagement going by asking your audience questions and keep your discussions on topic by following a planned format displayed in your on-screen teleprompter. To maintain the respect of your colleagues, it is important to keep meetings on track, on topic, and on time.

A Teleprompter on your Computer Means No Memorization

The key benefit of using a teleprompter is that it alleviates the need to memorize scripts and speeches. This takes a considerable amount of pressure off of speakers. You don’t have to worry about forgetting lines or sounding robotic. You can simply read from the teleprompter app while giving the appearance that you are making direct eye contact. No one on the other end of the call can see the teleprompter, and it scrolls automatically to create a seamless experience.

It is already difficult to emulate human interaction across a video screen, and reciting memorized dialogue doesn’t help. It is important to take advantage of any opportunity to create engagement during virtual meetings. So you should be using tools that help foster two-way communication. A teleprompter for laptops and desktops is an ideal solution for such needs.

Audiences are also accustomed to immersive content thanks to the evolving world of technology. Linear presentations are a thing of the past, and they are actively being replaced by open dialogues. If you are leading a virtual meeting, it becomes your job to cultivate that collaboration while keeping things on track. Keeping your agenda and notes in a teleprompter overlay is your key to running a successful virtual meeting.

Maintaining Eye Contact is Easier with a Teleprompter App

Making eye contact is pretty difficult in video conferencing. The only way to do it is by looking directly at your camera. It is tempting to look at participant thumbnails or chat boxes — leaving your audience looking at your eyelids.

Social scientists have been busy studying the effects of virtual meetings, and one notable discovery that they made was that virtual eye contact has a similar psychological impact as in-person eye contact, so we cannot hide behind our computer screens and pretend that it’s not important.

A teleprompter on your PC like VODIUM can help you keep your gaze focused where it should be while conveniently displaying your notes. The app is designed to scroll upward so that the next line is always perfectly in line with your camera.

Improve Body Language with a Teleprompter for PC

What else is missing in your virtual delivery? According to Forbes magazine, body language represents more than 50% of communication. Thus, by sitting in front of a laptop to make your presentation, you have already lost half of your usual communication and persuasion skills.

You can try to compensate by positioning your camera to show your chest and above, including your arms. Standing also helps presenters use more natural body language. Consider attending virtual meetings from a standing desk when you have to present.

Improve body language on video with VODIUM

A standing desk can help you show more natural body language on a video conference.

Have you ever noticed how draining it is to present virtual meetings? Communication is only about 7% verbal. The remaining 93% comes from inferences taken from your body language, tone, and supporting text. And when your delivery is in person, these things become natural. But in the virtual world, you have to work twice as hard to make it feel natural. All of this extra effort is a drain on your energy.

There may not be a tech tool to replace body language, but you can alleviate some of your stress and feel more natural by using the right tools. Teleprompters have more uses than articulating the daily news. While the newsroom might have made the most use out of them, we think they make a pretty big impact in the world of virtual meetings, too!

The Takeaway on Using Teleprompters for Online Meetings and Presentations

Modern technology removes the physical barriers to connecting with others around the world. But as more meetings move to an online format, more of the human element gets lost in the transition. The simple nuances of eye contact, body language, and physical presence are not naturally articulated in video formats. But the help of teleprompter apps can help bridge the gap and improve the experience for both speakers and the audience.

VODIUM is a leading overlay teleprompter app designed to work the way that you do. It features customizable transparency settings and auto-scroll so that you can keep your notes handy without losing contact with your virtual audience. Connect with VODIUM to learn more today!